Fareham — Dec 8th 2018

15 people were at the December meeting when David Moon talked us through Apple Continuity - how to interact through all the Apple devices. He discussed Handoff, where you can work on a program on one device and continue on another one, for example, you could start working on a Numbers spreadsheet on an iPhone, then later continue it on a Mac, the link is iCloud.
Bluetooth and Handoff need to be turned on using the same Apple ID.

The Universal Clipboard was the next topic and it needs the devices to be physically near each other as it is proximity dependant. You copy your text, video or photo on one device and paste it on the other device.

David then talked about Cellular Calls, again you need to have the same Apple ID on all devices. They also need to be signed into FaceTime.
In FaceTime Settings on the Mac, click on Calls From iPhone. On an iPad, go into Settings, FaceTime and make sure Calls From iPhone is checked and you can see further down the different ways you can be reached by FaceTime, phone number and email addresses, depending on which are checked.
To make the call, open Contacts and hover over the required contact or click on Call and select the number.

He talked us through Instant Hotspot where you can use your iPhone for WiFi access on your iPad or MAc.
How to use Auto Unlock to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. Continuity Camera on your Mac, where you use your iPhone, iPad or iPod to take a picture or scan documents that will then be available on your Mac. For this you need Mojave and iOS12.

We also touched on how to use Airdrop before stopping for tea/coffee and mince pies.

The second session was Q&A time where we looked at how we could see how much battery usage the apps used on the iPad and iPhone - Go to Settings, Battery and you can see an indication of battery level and an activity graph for the last 24 hours. Under that is listed the percentage of battery used by the listed apps with the highest percentage at the top.
We also looked at how to access music and podcasts on the iPhone/iPad, which sorted out a Member’s difficulty in listening to podcasts on their iPad.


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