Fareham — Jul 14th 2018

12 people attended the Fareham meeting when Tony Still gave us a talk on iPad, My iPad.

This talk was about personalising the iPad so you can work the way you prefer.

He noted that iOS 11 was a big step and made the iPad more of complete computer and less of a big screen phone.

He showed us how you could personalise the Desktop Wallpaper with some personal details, like your name and phone number.
You need a screen photo so choose a picture from Photos, (you could also edit the pic in Pages or another Photo Editing package). It has to be one which will work in portrait and landscape mode on the iPad screen.

In this case, Tony showed us how to go into Photos, select a pic, go into Edit Photo, Extensions then Markup.
Select Text and the keyboard will appear. Put in your text, in this example name and phone number. You can then choose the colour of your text, change the font, move the text box around and other things.
Once done and clicked, the pic will go into Camera Roll

You next need Settings, Wallpaper, Choose a new Wallpaper. Choose your pic and Options appear so that you can move and scale etc. Once happy with the position of text and pic, set it to your Lock Screen and/or Home Screen.
You can also use Pages or an graphic program to make a more ambitious design for your unique Desktop Wallpaper.

Other useful features Tony mentioned to Make the iPad Work Your Way were, how the iPad has evolved since iOS 9, for example, the keyboard has changed giving more options on the keys on the iPad, Tony then showed us quite a few features including Styles and other Tools, split keyboard, shortcuts, and a lot more useful information.

After the break we had a Question and Answer session which included saving scanned docs via Notes to PDF files and David expanded a bit more about PDFs.


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