Fareham — Jun 9th 2018

9 people attended the Fareham meeting on 9th June at the New Venue of Portchester Parish Hall.

There was a bit of confusion initially because a group of Ladies were having a meeting in the room we were booked in, but the larger hall was empty so we used that instead. There ensued about 10 minutes of discovering where the electrics and controls were, the most important one being the electrically driven blinds for the roof windows so that we could see the projected images!

Due to Tony Still being unable to come due to illness, Mick Burrell stepped in to give us a talk on Apple’s spreadsheet, Numbers.
This built in application is made by Apple to be graphically attractive.
Mick started with a plain sheet which gives you a basic table. He showed us how to extend or decrease the rows or columns by clicking and dragging the icon with 2 blue lines in a circle at the end of the rows and columns.

Using an example of a bank statement, Mick showed us how to change the formatting of text using the ‘Format’ brush icon.
Amongst a multitude of things, were shown how to change the width of columns, how to format cells by getting the dropdown choices in ‘data format’. How to show negative numbers in red, how to do a calculation, how to use formulae.
We learnt that if you click and hover over a cell with a formula, a yellow dot appears and dragging this will duplicate the cells.

Mick showed us how to analyse items in the spreadsheet, by inserting a pop-up menu where you can put in anything you want and use the plus sign to add more items. In Mick’s example of the bank statement, he listed the different types of income so you could see a breakdown of how much the separate items amounted to.

We learned the difference between tables and sheets and Mick added a new sheet to show us the SUMIF function and after an example, Mick explained that sometimes when copying formulae, you want one cell to be a constant and not change. You do this by preceding the row number with the dollar sign, e.g., B$3 and went on to say that it was good practice to precede the column reference by another dollar sign making $B$3 in this example.

We were shown how to set up a new table on the same sheet, how to insert a chart, with the example being a pie chart. How to change the ‘legend’ or title on the pie chart by double clicking on the legend. How to move wedges of the pie chart out for more visual impact.

All in all a very well received talk, I know I learned a lot of very useful information and increased my perception of Numbers.

The second half of the meeting after the tea break was a Q&A session.
Questions included were on email phishing, how to make Blind Copies in emails, how to send Group emails.
Someone asked about deleting podcasts and Mick said there was a difference between iTunes in iOS and on the Mac and went on to elucidate.


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