Dorchester — Dec 11th 2018

John showed a couple of short videos from his iPad nothing to do with Apple but amazing. The first best described as complex pendulums and the second an Austrian model plane defying aeronautics at a Paris tournament in 2014.

Georgia showed us how to create Memoji on the latest iPhones with facial ID, superimposing facial movements onto emoji characters with a wide range of editing features.

Euan, blaming David, showed us a range of apps available for IOS devices which also allow personalisation of emoji adding movement and sound, though mostly poor relations to what Georgia had shown us. Many of the apps like games entice people, really youngsters, to pay for add ons. Listing the apps, My Talking Avatar-Free, described as the “ultimate Avatar Movie Maker” with upgrade to paid, under general heading Education! ChibiStudio: Anime Avatar Maker aimed at the young “creating cute chibi characters” for Social Networking. Similar are Emoji Me, Emojer, Avakin Life and Boomoji. However with Banuba: Face Filters and Effects, Euan had us all in fits of laughter as his face was distorted and adorned with Bishops Mitres, coronets etc. The description, “Banuba gives you the ultimate selfie photo and video experience”, seems justified.

Stereo HomePods were on show when we broke for excellent mince pies and the bar, the bar won! After we reassembled David C. played us an amusing Christmas message sung by the Hon David Templeman, Member for Mandurah in the Australian Parliament. Whilst David could see the video on his iPhone, the projector played the sound ok but only displayed a fixed image. We concluded that this was because David was playing it direct from within email rather than having downloaded - but very entertaining all the same

Attempting to be more serious, David M ran through a short presentation on AirDrop including the roles played by BlueTooth and WiFi. He also demonstrated 1) the IOS feature that allows one to move the cursor round a document by pressing on the space bar and then moving the cursor round the document sliding finger over keyboard much as with a mouse or on a Mac trackpad 2) In IOS when writing or responding to an email how to drag the email to the bottom of the screen so as to be able to access and view other emails.


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John Marriott said…

An excellent, amusing and informative meeting. A fitting end to round off the Dorchester meetings for 2018. Thanks to all who attended throughout the year and a special thanks to David Moon for organising the meetings - Well done David.
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