Salisbury — Oct 30th 2018

Staring with a Q&A we had questions regarding the latest system Mojave installing on older Macs.
also it seemed that there were a problems with connection to emails.

Mick then gave us a comprehensive run-down on e-mailing, 10 points covering POP and IMAP, Rules, Mail Boxes, Bcc and sending the same e-mail to several people without showing the e-mail addresses, He invited us all to ask questions as he went along prompting loads of questions from the members.
He explained where e-mails are stored, some on the server and some on your Mac and how to remove or keep them. Rules were explained, He also explained e-mail etiquette, things that are not done. Mick also showed us examples of spam e-mails that looked remarkable like the real thing and explained what to do if you are unlucky to receive one. It was very interesting and informative and it seemed that most members have leaned something.

During the break for coffee, Barry suggested (if there was interest) a future session of video conferencing with an example of Zoom, a free app that works over a variety of platforms Mac, PC, and Linux, we will include this in a meeting early next year.


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