Salisbury — Jul 31st 2018

All Macs have a very useful but possibly under used app Text Edit, we asked Euan to show us what Text Edit had to offer from this useful application; from a word processor with features like tabs, spell checking able to create tables, also be able edit plain and rich text and create HTML files

Text Edit will open and save documents formats drawing attention to
File - Revert to, which offers a look back and the ability to re-open a document you previously saved.

Loads of features are included are the same as some similar Mac apps. such as all your fonts and colours. photographs and drawings can be opened and used with the usual mark-up tools like Tabs.

Text Edit can also be used to speak the text, useful for checking how it sounds.

This was an eye-opener to Text Edit that should encourage us to use it more.

After the break, as a follow up to our June’s meeting Brian showed a finished stop-motion movie showing the amount of photos involved (about 100) and the sections that were used to create a 25MB movie lasting about 17 seconds.


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