Salisbury — Jun 26th 2018

For our June meeting we made a movie, a Stop-Motion Movie.

Everyone took part by moving our star “Claris the Crocadile (a large cuddly toy)”

Claris was gradually moved around the tables while a photograph was taken after each move, about 25 photos to create the action.

During the break the camera photos were be downloaded to Photos and made into a slideshow, then save as a Quicktime movie.

Our finished movie was downloaded to iMovie where it was further edited and titles added, the speed increased again and then saved to m4v and the finished movie shown using Quicktime Player. this is where our movie was given a bit more speed giving our star more movement.

This was only a small demonstration showing how to create a stop-motion movie a complete movie would take many more photos requiring about 500 plus to get smooth action.

The meeting continued with our Q&A and a general discussion.


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