Bournemouth — Jul 17th 2018

Nine members attended the July meeting to hear Tony Still talk about Blu-ray: ‘a bag of hurt’? Tony first covered the history of Blu-ray, the “next generation DVD” supporting HD, 3D and, in an incompatible new form, 4K. In the search for this, new blue light lasers were developed at significant cost. Steve Jobs refused to adopt Blu-ray for Macs due to complex and expensive licensing and security measures demanded by the industry, instead opting to sell downloads through the iTunes Store.

Blu-ray disks can hold 25/50GB of data as storage devices. These can be written and read by the Finder in the same way as DVDs given a suitable Blu-ray drive. Playing encrypted commercial movies requires an app, the free options available are not very good so Tony demonstrated a commercial option. The presentation ended with demonstrations of a commercial Blu-ray movie playing and reading from a BD-R disk previously written by the Mac.

After Q&As and a refreshment break, Mick discussed the variety of settings required by your ISP to send and receive email both at home and away.


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