Salisbury — Jan 30th 2018

For our first meeting of 2018, 14 members and 3 visitors

The meeting began with a Q&A with a question on how the extend your Wi-Fi signal, using your iPhone as a Sat-Nav with Apple Maps.

Then a short presentation regarding the use of the Community Space.

Brian presented the way he uses Keynote starting with a welcome intro regarding the various venues for the groups meetings featuring the people run the group and who looks after each location.

Following this with a movie of some presentations and then how the how to arrange the page view so that objects can be moved from off the page and around into the required finished position, it is important the get objects to show in the correct order.

After a short break fo coffee a Text Edit script was played with the spelling slightly altered so that the Speech feature would repeat it correctly.

The meeting closed with a general chat and requests and suggestions for meeting subjects.

Next Salisbury meeting 27th February


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