Lytchett Matravers — Jan 6th 2008

Today turned out to be an excellent meeting despite there only being a dozen of us - at least, judging by the number of people who stopped on the way out to say what a good one it had been!

Lionel gave us a presentation on how to connect to a PC and I followed that with an explanation of how simple(!) it is to make your wireless network secure. Both presentations provoked lively discussion and not a small number of further questions. There were quite a few machines in evidence so it was easy to help people solve their problems or at least demonstrate on someone else's machine and the second half of the meeting was given over to this. There was an iChat with an absent member, several people trying to work out how to get a hard drive into a case that at least from a distance looked far too small for it and we finally extracted the errant CD from Steve's iBook (see discussions!)

Have been going for what seemed like an hour, we were informed that Martin's dinner was in ten minutes and a quick look at the watch confirmed it was indeed gone 5:30! Doesn't time fly when you're having fun.

Mick Burrell


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Lionel Ogden said…

Following on from my presentation I said I would post a copy of the printing Folder Action Script on the web site. This is included below. The script should be copied exactly into the script editor (see the Help menu) then click the Compile icon and save the script to the desktop or in the Library/scripts folder . Create a new folder calling it Print or something similar and then Control/click or right click in the new folder and choose Add Folder Action Script. Chose the new script you have created and you should find that any file you copy to that folder will be printed automatically.

on adding folder items to thisFolder after receiving addeditems
repeat with eachitem in addeditems
tell application"Printer Setup Utility" to open eachitem
end repeat
tell application "Printer Setup Utility" to quit
end adding folder items to

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