Salisbury — Nov 28th 2017

David brought the replacement projector and large screen which was set up and used for our November meeting with great success and approval.

After a Q&A where there were questions regarding silencing the start-up tone, recovering lost e-mails after up-grade to High Sierra and why are photos put in albums on iPad.

Brian showed us a short movie on how to design a small cup for 3D printing using “TINKERCAD” the online designer app. the movie continued to show his XYZ Junior 3d printer at work, producing the finished cup that was brought in to see the result, creating loads of questions.

After a short break for a coffee, a chat and mince pies supplied by Euan.

Brian produced his 3d drawing pen, gave a quick demo, a few samples were passed around, he supplied templates to trace so as not to puzzle about what to do and then invited members to have a go, two of our members did try, Lindsay created a double star Christmas tree decoration that took her about 5 minutes, Euan had a try at some lettering to create an equation .

Finally Euan showed us his set of specialist tools for opening up a MacBook for cleaning and showed photos of just how much dust can gather inside, he explained that you have to take great care if you are brave enough to open your Mac, there are a few very small connectors, also he advises that you take photos before and after and be careful with any screws, nuts and bolts that they are not mixed or lost.

This was the last meeting in Salisbury this year, the December date falls on Boxing Day this means Tesco and the community space will be closed, we will start again on 30th January 2018,


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