Beaminster — Sep 6th 2016

An average turnout of 14 to hear an excellent presentation by Michael on what can be done with Preview. He showed that this app, which comes free with every Mac, has a surprising range of capabilities in dealing with both PDFs and with images. He showed that these files could be imported into the app not only from a Mac, but from a scanner, direct from a camera, and of course from external drives, CDs and DVDs and memory sticks. While PDFs can’t be edited as such, they can certainly be annotated, merged and have pages removed. There is also the facility to manipulate the colours in a PDF as with images and they can be exported in a range of different formats. Much the same applies to images and it is possible to present these in the form of a Contact Sheet, making selection much easier.

The new AUGW memory sticks were given out, and these proved useful for several members who wanted a copy of the presentation – let’s hope that they have the latest version of Keynote to open it!

After the coffee/tea break, there was a quick run through of half a dozen tips from OS X Daily, some old, some new.
All in all a very good meeting.


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