Fareham — Sep 10th 2016

Eight members attended this meeting, in spite of the rain!

John gave us a talk about the iOS version of the Photos app, as used on the iPad.
He explained the basic editing features and showed how the images and videos are organised into Moments, Collections and Years. Individual Albums for different categories are created automatically, such as for Video, Time-lapse, Screenshots, Favourites and many others, depending on what content you have. Albums could also be created manually.
He mentioned that there was much more information, known as EXIF metadata, saved with each digital photo, than was actually shown on the iPad. However, he demonstrated an app costing a mere 79p called ViewExif, which showed all this data, which included the filename, filesize, and all the original camera settings. If the photo had been geo-tagged, it also provided the exact coordinates and a link to its location on Apple Maps. One photo even had an Altitude reading of 54m (presumably above sea level) - not sure how this was derived!
John explained several ways to transfer photos between an iOS device and a Mac.
One quick method was to use Airdrop, although it was best to ensure that both devices were up-to-date first.
However, the preferred way seemed to be to link both devices by cable, and then to use Photos and iTunes on the Mac, as done traditionally.

After the break, Mick gave us a quick run through of the new AUGWessex web site, and pointed out that all the committee members now have different email addresses. He explained how to automatically receive notifications on your Calendar app about the forthcoming meetings, by clicking 'Subscribe to our calendar' on the Calendar tab. Mick covered each of the tabs, and advised looking at the Discussions tab regularly, in case important updates are mentioned.

Q&As included - Scam phone calls allegedly from Microsoft, especially if they happen to coincide with you having a router problem. Also discussed was antivirus software for Macs, and sending large files over the internet.

The next meeting will be on Saturday 8th October, starting as usual at 10.30am.


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