Fareham — Jul 9th 2016

We had seven members at this meeting, and there was only one presentation today, not two as advertised.

John talked about the Settings app on the iPad, pointing out that the iPhone settings were basically the same. He explained how to navigate through the structure of the iOS Settings pages, with some settings hidden deep within the columns and not always obvious. He mentioned that a few of the commonly used settings were also duplicated in the Control Centre panel, which gave quick access to those such as Brightness and Volume.
John demonstrated many of the Settings options, and compared them with those found on a Mac either in System Preferences or in the individual app's preferences, or sometimes on a menu. Instead of using Keynote to demonstrate the various functions, he set up his Mac so that he could switch between two desktops, one showing System Preferences on the Mac, and the other showing the Settings screen directly from the iPad.

In conclusion, it was suggested that most people only looked at the iOS settings when they had initially bought their iOS device, or had just installed an app. They didn't feel the need to look again until a problem occurred, and then they'd forgotten what their original settings were!

In the Q&A session, topics included - using an iOS device as a Personal Hotspot, printing from an iPad using the Handy Print app, Epson Eco-tank printers, using Photoshop and Lightroom, no Apple support for Aperture, auto updates from Apple, and the BBC News app storing too much data.

There will be no meeting in August, the next one will be on 10th Sept, starting as usual at 10.30am.


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