Beaminster — Jul 5th 2016

As a complete departure from our usual fare, we had a very enjoyable presentation by Euan on the history of punctuation and how it tied in with the advent of printing and subsequently with today’s short-cuts in the form of emojis etc. Much of what Euan showed was new to most if not all of the audience, and we found that it is possible to read whole paragraphs with all the letters of each word jumbled, except the first and last, and that it is easier to read a line of partly hidden type if the top quarter shows as compared with trying to do so with the bottom quarter showing.

After a break for coffee and conversation Michael showed more tips and suggestions from OS X Daily for both Mac users and Ipad and iPhone people – a good source of much information. The attendance was pretty good – 17 people , including one visitor and one newcomer, not bad for a lovely summer evening!

There will be no meeting at Beaminster in August, but we will be back again in September.


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