Salisbury — Nov 29th 2016

11 members attended

The meeting started off with Jola giving us a very interesting presentation of SnapFish which is used to create photo books of your photo library, also cards for festive occasions and buying canvas prints. Showing some examples of what she has created and demonstrating how to make up the pages with a variety of page formats and adding text and clip-art.

Barry demonstrated 3 iPad apps, TunerLite used to check the quality and pitch of a particular musical note enabling you to tune stringed instruments like violins cellos etc.
Followed by Star View to have an astronomical look at the stars and planets then PhotoScissors used to crop out parts a photograph with ease.

Joy then demonstrated an iPad app Stash Star for cataloguing and keeping tabs on your stash of materials for dressmaking a very colourful app that will allow you to enter details like a photo, the quantity, where purchase and where it is stored, then a look at iWriter a easy to use word processor where you can also use it to compose and
send e-mails.

David showed us an iPhone app that allows you to track aircraft, Flight Radar where you can track every aircraft in flight with the ability to identify it including a photo and a view from the aircrafts on- board camera.

After a break for refreshments there was a Q&A with subjects regarding Apple ID, older printer problems that may be solved by installing Printopea.

The meeting closed with a short stop-motion Christmas Greeting cartoon.

No Salisbury meeting in December, the next Salisbury meeting will be on Tuesday 31st January 2017


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