Salisbury — Sep 27th 2016

15 members and 1 guest

Mick started off with a look at the iPad, starting at the basics such as where the switches are and what they do, then explaining the apps screens, how to move the app icons around to another screen if needed, deleting then and creating and renaming folders. What is in the Systems, battery usage and how much space the different apps take up, also how to find what OS version is being used, whether an iPad can be updated. This was a very informative session and was followed by loads of questions.

The complimentary USB sticks were distributed to the members present with a request for members to make sure they read the two documents describing how the group was originally formed and it's aims.

After a break for coffee Brian went through some of the rules regarding the use of Tesco's community space for our new members.

We then had our questions and answers including, how to get the IPhone to connect via Bluetooth in your car, e-mails removing unwanted old addresses and that it is not possible to alter the initial security name that you entered altered by you to Apple.


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