Salisbury — Aug 30th 2016

14 members and one guest

Brian demonstrated editing a movie in iMovie, explaining that most of us will have a movie camera with us with nearly all smart phones, iPads will have two each.

Using a movie taken from a small movie camera of a car trip from Salisbury to Wilton that had already been downloaded giving it a quick play to see what we have, and then making 3 copies of it to work on, making then A, B and C.

Importing these into iMovie then finding the parts required by the use of dragging the ends in to find the section we want to use to make 3 shorter movies.

Movie A edited from Skew Bridge to the traffic lights just outside Wilton modified to run at speed, B from the traffic lights around the town and back to the traffic lights on the return ride and C was from the traffic lights back to Waitrose car park in Salisbury this section was modified to run at speed.

The complete movie was played showing section A running at speed B a little faster than normal and C running at speed.

Adding fades at the start and end and adding titles.

The last part was saving the movie by using Share to a File on the Desktop.

The meeting ended with the usual Q&A with questions regarding moving photos.


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