Bournemouth — Nov 20th 2007

At the Bournemouth meeting on 20th November there were three good presentations - all by MUG members. The first was a very useful one even to experienced Mac users - Mick Burrell gave the reasons for making back-ups - with instructions on the best ways of doing them. He followed this with a brief demo on updating safely to Leopard.

Next was Euan Williams with his illustration (previously seen to better advantage at Lytchett, where the full brilliance of Keynote had glittered on the screen)showing Keynote being used to good advantage, to demonstrate some of the features of Numbers the sparkling new spreadsheet (and then some!) that is now part of iWork (alongside Keynote, of course).

Finally, Jim Hayward showed some of the multiple uses of an application in which all manner of things can be stored and linked, both within and without the application. It’s called VoodooPad, and you can try a free copy for yourself by downloading it from

Numbers were up at this meeting. and we were able to get going on the presentations sharp at 7 thanks to the new starting time of 6.30,

As always seems to be the case. it was a first time visitor to the meeting who won the raffle prize - can’t understand it!

Next month there will be a demo entitled ‘It’s not too late to make your own Christmas cards’ - we look forward to seeing you there.


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Roy Rainford said…

Having just loaded Leopard I would appreciate a a short demo/discussion of the most useful aspects, including setting up Time Machine.

Roy Rainford said…

A useful extension of the 'making cards' item would be how to produce address labels for the cards & for other uses.
Another subject is 'Bento' - could an overview on this be given?
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