Fareham — Jul 18th 2015

We had 12 members at this meeting.

During the first half, John gave us a talk about the two in-built iPad cameras.
He mentioned that the front facing 'FaceTime' camera has a low resolution of 1.2MP, whereas the rear facing 'iSight' camera has a much higher resolution of either 5MP or 8MP, depending on the iPad model.

John explained how to manually adjust the exposure, although normally done automatically, also how to set the autofocus on a particular part of the image.
He showed how the image could be zoomed in digitally, turning the iPad into a powerful magnifying glass if required.
John also covered Burst mode, HDR mode, Time Lapse and Timer mode, and how a photo could be taken quickly if necessary, even on a locked screen without entering the passcode.

Although not using either camera, he then demonstrated how to take a screen shot photo of anything displayed on the screen.
Finally, some external devices were mentioned that could be used with the iPad and iPhone, including a variety of different lenses and a remote bluetooth shutter release.

After the coffee break, Mick spoke to us about iCloud and iCloud Drive. He pointed out that both these used to be combined, firstly as Mobile Me and then just as iCloud. They've now been split, each one providing a different function.

iCloud synchronises all your Apple devices so any change you make to your Contacts on one device will be pushed to all other devices. Similarly, an event entered in Calendar will appear everywhere, but with email, iCloud only synchronises an Apple email address. If your non-Apple address is synchronising, that's being done by your email provider.

iCloud Drive is for storage of your documents and data, and Apple software can be set to automatically use this facility, but it's also possible to store files from non-Apple software.

We didn't have much time left for Q&A, but we had a brief discussion about backing up data and different ways of using Time Machine and using Apple's Time Capsule device. Time Machine will be one of the topics for a talk at the next meeting.

There won't be a meeting in August, the next one will be on Saturday 12th Sept starting at 10.30.


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