Fareham — Jun 20th 2015

Eleven people attended this rescheduled meeting, including two guests.
Initially there was a brief Q&A session.

John gave a talk about using gestures on an iPad.
He started by briefly explaining the difference between the modern day touchscreens and those used previously, and mentioned that the first touchscreen was invented in 1965.
He described eight common gestures used on the iPad, as well as some variations of these, such as using more fingers, which created other functions.
Most of the examples were used to set up demonstrations for the next ones.
He pointed out that there are still several more combinations of the basic gestures that Apple haven't used yet.

After the break, Tony gave us a very interesting talk about how to use Keynote on the iPad, also briefly mentioning the Mac version. He explained that when preparing a presentation it was important to sort out your ideas first and decide on the objectives, then to take into account the type of audience. He gave most of the talk actually as a keynote presentation, using bullet points to prompt himself.
Finally, he emphasized that you should finish the talk exactly at the end of the set time period, and he just made it with two minutes to spare!

The next meeting will be on Saturday 18 July starting at 10.30.


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