Beaminster — Sep 2nd 2014

For our September meeting we were fortunate to have Iain Cowper, an Apple accredited trainer, mainly with local schools to give us a presentation on creating/editing a video.

Iain gave a thoroughly enjoyable and thoroughly understandable guide to creating and sharing a video on the iPad in iMovie. He demonstrated the very comprehensive versatility that iMovie for the iPad has in so small and affordable a package, demonstrating the ability to add, divide and diminish video clips, to add sound, both from your iTunes library and as a voice-over commentary, how to achieve different types of link between different clips, and then how to share the results with your expectant friends and family in a number of ways, the easiest of which we will be seeing in iOS8 and Yosemite, with the addition of Airdrop to the new Mac OS..

There was a good sized audience who followed Iain’s explanation of the different features of the app and it is certain that we can expect to see a variety of end-results in the no-too-far-distant future.


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