Salisbury — Aug 27th 2014

6 members with Trevor Noyes

Trevor Noyes visited us at Salisbury to give a very interesting demonstration of “Audasity” a freeware application that is used to edit our old vinyl LP’s, 45’s and tapes that are copied to the Mac using a HiFi system connected to your computer, he showed us how the application can be used to edit out faults such as clicks and scratches that appear and remove silent sections of the recordings.

He explained the importance of making sure the disc surface is free of any dust and not to touch the tracks with your fingers.

Using the zoom feature to enlarge and locate quite tiny faults that makes it easier to remove them, he also showed us some of the edit menus that can do some things automatically like the Effects Menu for click and noise removal.

The edited tracks are then exported into iTunes to be given titles.


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