Salisbury — Jul 30th 2014

Members present 10

I showed some of my Card Designs and simple drawings, starting with basic card designs and a reminder that you should make sure the card will fold correctly and, very importantly, that it will fit into an envelope.

Then onto some more complicated card design samples, such as triangular folded, bowed, tubular and arranging two cards printed both side in two printer passes, some designs worked but others did not.

Drawings that can be simply made by drawing a stick figure and filling in with colour
and we all have loads of photos on our computers that can be used.

E-cards using simple card movies created with Keynote and saving as a QuickTime movie.

Getting your cards printed, iPhoto, and there are local print and copy shops.

There followed a lively general discussion, Mike had a question about Aperture and iPhoto putting next years dates on some photos, John had a question about permanently deleting contacts from his iPad, John Hooper showed us and demonstrated his portable hand scanner.

Next Salisbury Meeting Wednesday 27th August
at The Pheasant Inn Salisbury 7.30 - 9.30pm


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