Salisbury — Jun 25th 2014

Salisbury Group Meeting

at The Pheasant Inn Salisbury 7.30 - 9.30pm

Date 25/06/2014

Number of members present 8

John took us through SKYPE and FaceTime starting with what these are and a brief history on how and where SKYPE began and that it is now owned by Microsoft.
SKYPE can be used on all platforms, Mac, PC, Linux Etc. it works over the internet and can be used for video as one to one or conferencing between several persons around the world.
It is free to use for video communication between computers, but the application has to be downloaded and you will have to create an account, once this is done you can look for others using SKYPE.
It can also be used as sound only to talk to landline and mobile telephone networks in various countries, but there is a charge for this service.

FaceTime is at present exclusive to Apple users, and it is already installed on the newer Apple devices.
It is also free to use for video calls, but can't be used to connect to ordinary phone networks, however it can be used to call iPhone users, free of charge, with sound only or with video as well.
To call other users, FaceTime uses their Apple IDs, which are e-mail addresses and these first need to be in your contacts list.

John pointed out the Pros and Cons of Skype and FaceTime and mentioned that there are several other video chat software systems that can be used.
There was then a session of seeing both systems working by contacting John’s son, Nicholas, who was in the north of the UK in Scotland, SKYPE and FaceTime worked well including a view from a window of the North Sea.

Members then had a try themselves including an iPhone video call.

This was a very interesting and informative session.

John then helped Clive sort out an e-mailing problem and I helped Claire to recover some older text files and paste them into Pages to be worked on and edited.

The meeting closed after a short discussion period.

Next Salisbury Meeting Wednesday 30th July
at The Pheasant Inn Salisbury 7.30 - 9.30pm


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