Fareham — Jun 28th 2014

We had six people at the meeting. The flow of the meeting was disturbed by the disastrous news that Apple have decided to kill Aperture - a favourite product amongst the members. Aperture is a product that helps to define OSX as being different from Windoze and the Windoze centric Adobe products.

A certain amount of branch admin took place regarding meeting run times and schedule.

It is thought that we may be able to increase attendance by having the meeting on the second to last Saturday in the month rather than the last Saturday in the month. We also agreed that the meeting run time be reduced from 3 to 2 hours starting at 10:30am which would make it a little bit easier for members living in the west of the Wessex region to get to the meetings - should they wish.
If you have any comments (both positive and negative) please add them to the comments section below.

I will confirm any changes and the date of the change once I have spoken with the School and received their agreement.

Eventually we got to the item planned for the meeting - namely colour calibration of screens and printers.

We looked at the reasons for calibration and the causes of colour drifting of screens. The response curve and tristimulus curve for screens was examined to help understand the function of the screen colour profile.

We then used the manual calibration tool builtin to the Displays Preference settings to calibrate a profile for the projector and compared it to the profile supplied by OSX.

A Spyder 3 Pro display calibrator was then used to calibrate the laptop, and the subtle variations between the builtin profile and the newly created profile compared.

Finally we looked at a video of screen and printer calibration.

There then followed the usual “how do I”, “did you know that” type discussions.


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Derek Wright said…

Re the new meeting schedule
We have the OK from the school to choose a different Saturday in the month, I propose that we move to the new day in the New Year ie 2015 - which is only 4 meetings away so please get back to me on here or via email if you have a preference for a specific Saturday - the choices being
Third or second to last Saturday in the month - this is the preferred option
Fourth or last - which are going to move away from.

Start time to be 10:30am - this to be effective from the August 30th meeting, closing at 12:30pm.

Please let me hear your comments.

Mick Burrell said…

I've also put this on discussions but just in case you miss it:

If you opt for third/second to last Saturday, please could you "standardise" on third in case there are five Saturdays in the month - my iCal calendar does not allow a repeat on second to last :-)

Derek Wright said…

Decisions made - after discussion with MB

Fareham section will meet on the last Saturday of the month during 2014 at 10:30am to 12:30pm apart from July when there will be no meeting.
From January 2015 we will meet on the second to last Saturday of the month at 10:30am to 12:30pm.
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