Fareham — Dec 1st 2007

There’s never a dull moment at the Fareham meetings. Saturday mornings are never quite the same without meeting fellow Apple users over a cup of coffee and a fresh doughnut, discussing and chatting about our favorite computer company.

This Saturday was no different. Leopard was the hot topic kicking off the proceedings, those who had not yet made the leap learning about the experiences of those who could not wait! We had the Apple video to set the scene and then shared our experiences, including what software we were having problems with, followed by friendly (if not a little intense) chat on the commercial aspects of releasing new system software. You can’t say we run boring meetings!

After the traditional Coffee & Dougnuts we moved onto sharing files with a PC. We have a wireless network available at our meetings, which all members are able to connect. This allows access to the Internet and also, as in this case, to experiment sharing files between users. The additional user on the network was a DELL Laptop running Windows XP, which was used as demo machine showing just how easy it is to connect and share files across operating systems.

A Demo of the new iPhone followed. We had two members present who had purchased one, and we were given examples of how it functioned, followed by chat on the benefits balanced against the cost. It certainly is a stunning device, many would love to own one, if only to have the swish interface and the beautiful design to show off!

We finished up with general problem solving which included a peculiar recurring keychain issue and a wireless network which kept dropping connections.

The comment was made that this was the best meeting to date, let's ensure we make our future meetings as good. So if you've something to show or demonstrate, please let us know before the meetings agenda is set.

We meet again in February, so take this chance to wish all members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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Stuart Affleck said…

One week on....I'd have to agree, that was a great meeting- the sheer number of attendees was a big part- everyone seemed to have something to chip in. For the gentleman who had some old WordPerfect files he wanted to get access to again- when I put 'WordPerfect Mac' into Google, the first link on the page seems to have pretty much everything he'll need: http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/wpdos/macintosh.html
Unlike most of those who'd gone over to Leopard, my experience had been trouble-free. Famous last words, Mail suddenly stopped sending anything two or three days back. Googled it, searched on discussions.apple.com..., checked all the settings....no joy. Just fixed it: quit Mail, plugged in my FireWire backup (SuperDuper!ed on Sunday, copied/replaced the Mail folder from Users/username/Library...fixed, painlessly (I keep mail on the server, so everything since just downloaded again). And why sending worked again....pass.
Another tip: for those, like me, who miss hierachical folders in the dock: OldFolder http://www.hawkwood.com/oldfolder/ works pretty well, hopefully it'll get even better.
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